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Square One: Secure Empty Trash

Square One is the new category of tutorials for beginner Mac users and veterans who wish to get their memory jogging.

This tutorial will show you how to change Finder to simply "Empty Trash" to "Secure Empty Trash" by default. But a little introduction seems in place.

Suppose you are getting a new hard drive and selling your old one for whatever reason. For most people, the very first thing coming to mind is to backup and delete all the files on their old drive. But just deleting them isn’t enough. It has been shown that even though files are "deleted" people have been able to find these "deleted" files that may contain personal information. So, to avoid identity theft or information theft, you should always select the "Secure Empty Trash" option to ensure that these files really are gone.

Step One: Finder Preferences, They’re There


I find that a lot of Mac users around me don’t even realize that the Finder has preferences they can set. Just like any other application, navigate to the app name in the menu bar and select "Preferences" or simply press Cmd + ,

Step Two: Flip the Switch… Or Check the Tick


In Finder Preferences, select "Advanced" and check the last option.

Step Three: Delete Those Files


If you go back to the Finder menu, you will see that the shortcut to "Empty Trash" has moved down to "Secure Empty Trash." This means that the default way of deleting files has changed, denoted by the shortcut Shift + Cmd + Delete.

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